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Nick Edsall
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Name: Nick Edsall
Age: What ever yesterday was
Blood type: What are you a Vamp?
Height:Kinda short
Weight: well your one to talk

This is Week 1

Hello everyone, how are you today? Good, glad to hear it! I am doing quite well and am excited since this will be my first real post as this is episode I of the D-Blog. I have some things planned out but like I said last week, this is just a test run to see how everything goes.


My Week: I have been doing well. I've been busy with work and personal things at home, as well as school things, but that's fine by me. I had to work X-mas which kinda blows but I apparently made double time, so that's not too shabby. It was a mad house though, I was on the frontline ringing up customer after customer, helping person after person, to a seemingly endless wave of people. It felt like the Battle of Helm's Deep. The other two people working there that night and I were all at registers which almost never happens, but in the end we survived. I went home at 8 and passed out at 8:15. Christmas itself was nice, I got a few things but then again I didn't ask for much. My sister is 7 years older than me so I knew my mom expected less from me. I did however get a new book which is the first book I read for my 52 weeks of books marathon. (Yes I started early, just to give myself an emergency week if need be.)

I enjoyed Christmas Eve better since it was the only day off of work I had last week and all I did was Kickback and play Wii U games with my Sister and Step-Brother, we all had a good time just playing Smash and Mario Kart. Mom got us a game to play early, she usually does this, it was a copy of Super Mario Wii U she had gotten from Target. I felt really bad telling her we already had the game, it had come with the Wii U bundle I had bought two years ago. She felt terrible about it, we all laughed and told her not to worry about it. Eventually she got over it too and was happy to see us just having fun. She is in the process of returning it. Target charged her 45 bucks for a 3 year old game =P.

The rest of the week has been pretty much the same each day. I do some things around the house, get some reading done, think about ideas for my book, and then I head off to work at 8 PM. I don't know what it is about this week but I have been plagued by workdays. I know my boss has other people she could give these dates to, but I guess they may have asked for time off, which is what I didn't do. Waiting for Thursday to come so I can go and see Star Wars The Force Awakens a second time. The first time I went I went with my friend T who has thick glasses and can't do 3D movies very well, so I gave in and watched it in 2D with him, but on my solo visit I will definitely be going 3D.

Lastly I am in a kick for retro games and am in the process of picking up a GameCube off of Ebay or some other source. I will spring for the console and a few classic multiplayer games. I need Air Ride in my life. =D


Book 1: This week I decided to read something I knew I would enjoy, because I asked for it and got it as a gift from my sister. I got the hardcover copy of the Imperial Handbook and gave that a good hard read. I had gotten the Jedi Codex years prior and really enjoyed it and for the longest time I thought there was only that and the Sith book in existence. I had only discovered the Imperial Handbook on amazon recently and picked it up.

As far as reads go this book was quite interesting. I am a big SW fan and I am always ready to get into the next bit of lore. This nice quality book provides the rules and codes of the Empire, which would be interesting enough as a book, as well as commentary from a number of famous characters, Luke, Wedge, Ect. It was a quick read and many of the pages are consumed by detailed pictures anyway but as a SW fan I really enjoyed it. It makes me want to go get the Bounty Hunter and Sith books at a later date, but I don't want to consume my book reading to just SW.

I have yet to decide what to read next week, I will have to look around my bookcase for something that interests me. I also think I am going to wait each week to tell you all what I am reading. I will most likely announce the book after I have finished reading it for that week.


Page 0: I did say that I wanted to get a lot more writing done this year then in year's past. I know that doing a writing prompt and reading a book each week would be a bit too much for me in my current schedule. So these will be a bit more sporadic. The "Page" segment will be when I talk about my book and my plans or accomplishments when it comes to writing.

Assignment 0: Where the "Assignment" section will be when I write a random writing prompt as a creative exercise. I have site online that I will use to get the random prompt, so even I don't know what I will have in store. But these two segments will most likely not be a weekly occurrence, and really unlikely be on the same week.


Digital: (This segment will talk about what games I have played this week, this will almost be an every week occurrence since I am big into video games. I will also talk about news about companies, games, and stories that interest me and that I feel would be interesting to talk about)

Paper: (This segment will talk about D&D, D20, 40K, and any other table top or boardgaming that I get to each week. These will most likely not be a weekly occurrence as well since almost all of these need more then one person to play and I work, as well as my friends, so getting together to game may be a bit difficult each week. But should a new D&D campaign or a new game of Risk start up, you will hear about it here!)


(This segment will be for Emails I get each week, questions, comments, and anything else that I feel is alright to respond to. Due to the blog just starting up, and me being an unknown I don't expect this section to contain anything for a while.)  

Info & Links

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Send in your questions to with the subject "Fuzzy Dice"

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